Summilux-R 50 mm f:1,4 (II)


Código - 11 344 LLC - 128
Producción - 1998-2009, 2,700+ Objetivos

Variantes: ROM
Montura - LEICA R
Ángulo de visión (diagonal, horizontal, vertical): 47°, 40°, 27°
Diseño Óptico:
Número de lentes/grupos 8 / 7
Longitud focal efectiva - 52.3 mm
Posición de la pupila de entrada 28 mm
Intervalo de enfoque: - 50 cm a infinito

Escalas: en metros y pies
Campo visual mínimo: 178 x 266 mm
Factor de reproducción: 1:7.4

Diafragma - f/1.4-f/16, automático con 6 hojas, con valores intermedios

Montura de filtros: E60
Parasol: Interno telescópico
Accesorios: accesorio para acercamiento: ELPRO
Longitud hasta la bayoneta - 51 mm
Diámetro máximo - 70 mm
Material: Aluminio anodizado y pintado
Peso - aprox. 700 g
Inscripción SUMMILUX-R 1:1.4/50.


This eight-element design offered a significant improvement over the previous 1:1.4 design for the R-system and delivers outstanding image quality when stopping down. The performance at full aperture is as good as s possible without recourse to aspherical surfaces. Slightly stopped down very fine detail is recorded with excellent clarity and crisp outlines with that lucid clarity that characterizes modern Leica designs.

Generally the Summilux-R has an enviable balance of lucidly rendered crisp detail and smooth gradient of color hues within small subject areas that is Leica’s current design characteristic that even today (2012) is difficult to surpass. The recently introduced new 1.4/50-designs by Nikon and Canon are still not in the same league as the Summilux-R, indicating that this 15-year-old design is state-of-the-art. On the other hand one has to emphasize that users of modern digital reflex cameras are remarkably pragmatic in their demands for optical excellence.

This lens would perform very well attached to a modern camera with digital recording capabilities like the R9-DMR or to one of the other solutions with adapters.

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