Leica S2


Cdigo - 10 801 - S2-P 10 802
Produccin - 2009-2012
Tipo de Cmara - Reflex de un slo objetivo digital (DSLR) de formato medio para usarse con Objetivos S con AutoFocus
Variantes: S2-P con Pantalla de cristal de Zafiro
Sensor de imgenes
  • Fabricante Kodak
  • Tipo: CCD
  • Resolucin: 37.5 megapixels (7,500 x 5,000),
  • Tamao: 45 x 30mm,
  • Tamao de pixel: 6μm.
  • Formato: 3:2,
  • Rango dinmico: 12 diafragmas
  • Profundidad de color: 16 bits per pixel,
  • filtro de paso bajo inexistente (Deteccin y supresin de Moir mediante procesado de la seal digital).
  • Escala de sensibilidades - ISO 80 a 1250 (manual o mediante control automtico).
Almacenamiento de datos
  • Formato: DNG (approx. 75 MB por imagen), JPEG (basic o fine),
  • Tarjetas de memoria: CompactFlash (up to 64 GB), SD (HC).
  • Maximum cadencia de disparo - 1.5 images/s
  • Memoria de buffer: 1 GB (capaz como mnimo para 8 imgenes en DNG).
  • Control monitor - 3-inch TFT with 460,000 pixels, 16 million colors, cover glass: highly abrasion and scratch resistant sapphire glass (only with the LEICA S2-P).
  • Connections - High-speed USB 2.0 (robust connection with strain-relief, cable included), HDMI, remote release, X sync, SCA3002.
Medicin y Obturador
Medicin de la Exposicin - Medicin multicampo (5 campos), medicin integral con prpeponderancia al centro, puntual (3.5%).
Control de la Exposicin - Modo Programa (con funcin Shift), prioridad al obturador, prioridad al diafragna, manual.
- Obturador metlico en el plano focal integrado en el cuerpo: 1/4000 s to 32 s (B to 120 s), flash sync time: 1/125 s, optional leaf shutter in selected lenses: 1/1000 s to 8 s, flash synch time: 1/1000 s.
- Medicin: TTL (multi-campo, selectiva, ponderada al centro), TTL-HSS synchronizacin rpida con obturador hasta 1/4000 s
- Compatibilidad: totalemte compatible con LEICA SF 58 y unidades con adaptador Metz SCA3002.
Auto Focus - central crosshair sensor, focusing drive in lens, operating modes: AF continuous, AF single, MF, MF override, AF memory with AF lock button.
Viewfinder - High eye-point pentaprism viewfinder, magnification: 0.86x, viewfinder field: 96%, diopter compensation -3 to +1, focusing screen: matte with cross-hairs (interchangeable).
Material - Magnesio fundido a presin.
Tamao (sin objetivo): 160 x 120 x 80 mm
Peso: 1410 g (includa la batera)
Resistente al polvo y las salpicaduras de agua
Alimentacin - Li-Ion Akku (7.4 V, 2150 mAh)
Contenido del paquete Software: Adobe Lightroom, Leica Image Shuttle, batera, unidad de carga, cable USB, correa.
  • 16003 - Empuadura Multifuncional S
  • #16004 - Correa de sujeccin de neopreno
  • #16011 - Cargador profesional S - #14429 Batera
  • Unidad de Flash SF-58
  • #16012 Disparador remoto S

    Adaptadores de Objetivos:
  • S-Adapter V - Objetivos Hasselblad V System (8.2011)
  • S-Adapter P67 - Objetivos Pentax 67 (8.2011)
  • S-Adapter M645 - Objetivos Mamiya 645 (8.2011)
  • S-Adapter H - Objetivos Hasseblad H System (5.2012)
  • 16002 - Grid screen, showing the golden ratio for precise image composition
  • Other - "High-quality filters can be obtained . . . from traditional manufacturers like B+W and Heliopan."

Diseo - Manfred Meinzer (cuerpo: 09 Sep 2008 EU)

Manuales & publicaciones:Objetivos
Actualizaciones de Firmware


Erwin Puts:
Under the code name Afrika the Leica engineers pioneered a new concept for digital reflex cameras, that could be used as a signboard for technological innovation. The project was initiated by Steven Lee, for a short period CEO of the Leica company. The approach was to develop a new system outside of the regular dSLR market, where short product-cycles, heavy competition and price pressures are the rule. Leica engineers needed a quiet environment to develop the system and its lenses. The S2-system was announced at Photokina 2008, but delivery was postponed till summer 2009.

Many of the components are designed and manufactured in-house at Leica, including the shutter, prism and the mirror-box; main electronics are from outside suppliers (the sensor from Kodak, the MAESTRO image processor from Fujitsu).

The S2 body has a volume of 1536000 cubic millimeters or 1.54 litre compared to 448000 cubic millimeters or 0.448 litre for the M9 body. In this comparison the S2 is a large volume camera, but compared to high-end reflex cameras of the class of Nikon D4 (160 x 156.5 x 90.5) and Canon 1D X (158 x 163.6 x 82.7) it is actually smaller and offers a bigger sensor size. The S2 combines mobility, stamina and a weatherproof body with very high image quality that predestines the camera for fashion and portrait photography with the typical Leica style.

The camera has a stocky figure (there is some family resemblance with the R8 body) but the design is very well thought-out with sublime handling. The mounts for the lenses of the S2 are designed from scratch with a high dose of mechatronics inside and in combination with the camera electronics offer fast and accurate autofocus performance.

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