Leica R8

  • Code numbers - 10080-chrom, 10081-black
  • Production era 1996-2002
  • Variants - Black and chrome versions
  • Shutter
"The shutter used was a Copal vertically running metal-leaf unit[1] capable of speeds between 1/8000 and 32 seconds steplessly in automatic modes, or to 16 seconds in half-stop steps in manual mode, as well as Bulb. The flash X-sync speed is 1/250 sec."The shutter release is in the center of the shutter-speed dial and is threaded for a cable release. The optional Motor-Drive gives additional front and vertical-grip releases." -
  • Metering
"The highly sophisticated metering system allows free choice of metering mode and exposure mode. By contrast, the earlier R4-R7 series lacked multi pattern metering and offered only pre-set combinations of metering and exposure.Three metering modes are offered: Integrated centre weightedSelectiveMulti pattern (Matrix)" - "It can be fitted with the Digital Modul R (DMR) digital back (discontinued in 2007 . . .) and used as a digital camera making them the only 35 mm SLRs to take a user-installable digital back. The R8 was the first R-series camera to have no association with Minolta, being solely a Leica design and showing a clear stylistic change compared to prior bodies. . . A key design goal was to evoke the Leica M and its smooth top plate instead of a raised pentaprism as in previous R series cameras, the R8 has sloped "shoulders" that blend almost seamlessly into the pentaprism housing. The shape is strongly asymmetrical, especially in plan view, with a bulged right handgrip and smaller, tapered left-hand side. . . The R8 was without doubt the most complex camera Leica had ever constructed containing extensive electronics including a microprocessor, despite its manual operation bias, and in addition was built in a very modular fashion to integrate seamlessly with motor drive units and new backs such as the Digital Modul R." -jcb


Leica R8 cromada, Telyt 400 mm f:6,8 y Leica R8 negra con motor
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