Leica R5

  • Order numbers - 10060-chrome - 10061-black
  • Production era - 1986-1992
  • Variants - Red logo on advance (ELW) or rewind (ELP) side of camera; in 1988 the red logo changed from 'Leica' to 'Leitz'
  • Description - "The Leica R5 is a logical development of the R4 with extended facilities, namely : TTL flash exposure measurement, extended shutter speed range from 15 to 1/2000 sec. an eyepiece with built in ocular correction from +2 to -2 dioptries and much greater eye relief, enabling spectacles wearers to see the whole field and exposure data in the viewfinder.
All relevant data in the form of figures or LED symbols, for control of the camera is displayed in the viewfinder and lies outside the image area.The five exposures modes are similar to those of the R4, except that the program mode is variable. Minor improvements on the R4 are the exposure mode selector can no longer be changed inadvertently and the take up spool is metal." -jcb

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