Elmar-M 24 mm f:3,8 ASPH


Código - 11 648
Producción - 2008-
Montura -Bayoneta Leica M con Códigos 6 bits
Angulo de visión (diagonal, horizontal, vertical) : 84° / 74° / 53°
Diseño Óptico:
Número de lentes/grupos 8/6
Longitud focal efectiva - 24.5 mm
Posición de la pupila de entrada 18.7 mm
Intervalo de enfoque: - 0,7 m a infinito
Escalas: en metros o pies
Campo visual mínimo:615 x 922 mm
Factor de reproducción: 1:25.6
Diafragma - f/3,8-f/16 con click, valores intermedios, diafragma manual tipo iris de 8 hojas
Montura de filtros: rosca interna E46
Parasol: roscado #12464, incluído; Tapa #14212
Accesorios: visor 12019, 12026 or 12027
Longitud hasta la bayoneta - 40.6 / 56.6 mm con parasol
Diámetro máximo - 53 mm
Material: Aluminio anodizado o latón cromado
Peso - aprox. 260 g

Inscripción - LEICA ELMAR-M 1:3.8/24 ASPH. E46 (serial no.)



Iniciado por Erwin Puts
The 84 degrees angle of view is very interesting, but also creatively speaking quite demanding. Close-range photography of single persons or small groups conveys an intimacy of close contact. At the same time one can make a strong statement about the wider surroundings where the individuals are located. Encapsulated intimacy might be the approach. When taking pictures one is naturally inclined to tilt the camera downward a bit in order to include more foreground in the image.

The Elmar-M 24mm, introduced in 2008 is a clever mixture of elements from the classical lens series and modern designs. Leica is a traditional company where time honored principles are not only held in high esteem, but are practiced today. If a company should be equated with design excellence, meticulous craftsmanship and metal-based precision engineering, it is Leica. The design principles, manufacturing requirements and processes were and are focused on manual assembly and very careful attention to very tight tolerances. The new Leica approach to lens design and manufacture tends to emphasize the practice of close-tolerance manufacture and more automated assembly of parts and groups.

The new Elmar-M 3.8/24mm is a lens that has its origins in the current thinking within the Leica company. The lens handles with the traditional Leica smoothness and solidity. The aperture ring has click stops that are very smooth. The number of blades in the Elmar-M 24 is higher than in the Elmarit-M 24 (nine versus eight) and the aperture shape is more circular: better for unsharpness rendition.

The Elmar 24mm performs superbly well at all apertures. The size is extremely comfortable for snapshot use. The demanding and discerning user gets all the performance that can be required for exhibition type pictures of a very high calibre. The Elmar-M 1:3.8/24mm ASPH represents outstanding value for money and shows a very high level of performance. There is hardly a discipline where the Elmar-M 24 does not bring outstandingly good results. This lens is a general purpose lens that might follow in the footsteps of the classical Elmar 3.5/50mm lens that in its day captured a large proportion of the iconic Leica images.

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